Iron Pipes of the Hungarian Divide of 2021

The equipment and formal requirements for bikepacking or adventure biking are difficult to define. Perhaps one of the most open forms of sport that has probably been practiced since cycling has existed. Recent technical innovations have further colored the list of equipment, giving fans of the genre an almost endless opportunity to show their individuality through our chosen equipment.

We got the lenses of the Hungarian Divide 2021 on the lens before they became muddy to the handlebar, so you can dwell on the details and careful selections of the equipment.

Zsolt Boruzs , 44, from Salgótarján, was the first bike to reach the finish line in the 2021 Hungarian Divide Full Range. Merida Silex frame Yakpack and BTWIN bags, SRAM Apex drive, 27.5-inch DT Swiss G1800 rims Panaracer exterior. Since 2019, Zsolt and his bike have started in all Hungarian adventure cycling competitions.

The 2021 Hungarian Divide is the second bike to reach the finish line in the full distance. The 31-year-old Csaba Sumánszki Kinesis Tripster AT vase in Budapest was equipped with Mokush , Ortlieb and Acepac bags, SRAM Rival drive, HUNT wheels and Panaracer Gravelking SK exterior. A SON dynamo hub took care of lighting the Klite lights and charging other devices.

The third-year-old, 27-year-old Balázs Gérnyi from Budapest Rock Machine brought the El Nino bike to the 2021 Hungarian Divide challenge. Balázs was helped by the Shimano SLX drive and WTB wheels to reach the finish line. The first aid kit is clearly visible and easily accessible on the Merida bags.

Vedran Gracan, a 39-year-old Croatian, was the first to reach the 2021 Hungarian Divide Half Distance goal with a huge twist. The Giant Anthem XC Race bike was equipped with a Shimano Deore XT drive, RockShox SID fork and MAXXIS Recon Race exterior. Vedran packed the most essential equipment in an Ortlieb saddlebag and a self-made bag.

Tamás Király , 32, from Budapest, finished second in the 2021 Hungarian Divide Halfway with his On One Free Ranger bike. The bike was fitted with SRAM Rival drive, Prime Kanza wheels and WTB Byway / Panaracer Gravelking tires. Tamush packed his clothes in Mokush bags.

The founder of the Mokush bag brand, the world traveler of Nagymaros, 39-year-old Balázs Boros , finished third in the 2021 Hungarian Divide Halfway. The Hunor bike with a steel frame made in Hungary, made in Hungary, had its own Mokush bags and Rohloff wheel hubs.

Erzsébet Pénzes, a 51-year-old girl from Hegykút, was the first woman to reach the goal of the 2021 Hungarian Divide Half Distance. The female-specific Liv Brava SLR bike was fitted with Giant P-X2 and GXP wheels, WTB Riddler 700Cx45 exterior, SRAM Apex 1 36×11-42 drive. Elizabeth packed her gear in Mokush and PODsacs bags. Night orientation was provided by 2 Force Pax 300, Solas NiteRider 250 and ELOPS ST500 lamps. Safe driving was provided by the Salsa Chowchipper government.

Ákos Szabó, 45, from Székesfehérvár, was the first to complete the 2021 Hungarian Divide Full Distance in the Tour category. Ákos Giant Revolt bike was equipped with Shimano GRX drive, Apidura, Acepac and Mokush bags.

46-year-old Zoltán Keller from Csobánka finished second in the Hungarian Divide Full Distance 2021, in the Tour category, with his Ghost Fire Roadrage bike. Zoltán packed his equipment in Alpkit, PODsacs and Relevate Designs bags, and monitored his performance with a powermeter.

Balázs Pászti, 42, from Szekszárd, finished third in the Hungarian Divide Full Distance 2021 Tour category. The Surly Karate Monkey bike was equipped with HOPE and DT wheels, SRAM GX drive, On One OG handlebar, Ortlieb and Alpkit bags.

The 36-year-old Márton Kauker Kona Sutra LTD steel-framed bike with Mokush and Topeak bags, Vittoria Terreno 2.1 MTB exterior and Race Face Affect 34T SRAM Rival drive.

The 39-year-old Tamás Agyánszki Salsa Fargo bike from Budapest with Zefal and Salsa bags, Shimano GRX and Deore XT drive, DT Swiss wheels and WTB Venture exterior.

Tamás Borbély ‘s 36-year-old Sonder Camino AL bike from Tatabánya with Alpkit bags, SRAM Apex drive and Panaracer exterior.

The 42-year-old Chovanyecz Emese Specialized Chisel bike from Zalaegerszeg with Apidura and Acepac bags, SRAM and Rotor drive, Shimano XTR brakes. Emese used a powermeter to monitor her performance.

The 25-year-old Márton Horváth Hausf Redfox retro MTB bike from Veresegyháza with a Topeak bag and a Shimano Deore LX 3×7 drive.

The 40-year-old Csaba Tokaji-Nagy Merida CX 6000 carbon bike with Merida and Rockbros bags, Shimano Ultegra drive, DT Swiss wheels and Continental exterior.

The 46-year-old Norbert Rondo RUUT CF2 bike from Budapest is equipped with PODsacs bags, SRAM Rival 1×11 drive, DT Swiss P1800 wheels and Panaracer Gravelking exterior.

Zsófia Szarka ‘s 351-year-old Sannka Cannondale Trail SL1 29er bike with Mokush and Ortlieb bags, SRAM SX Eagle drive, RockShox Reba RL fork and Maxxis Rambler exterior.

The 47-year-old Tamás Kovács Merida Silex carbon bike with Merida bags and SRAM Force drive.

The 33-year-old Czech Michal Snajdr Qayron One CrMo Q bike with Acepack and Basta bags, Shimano GRX drive, Rodi rims, Michelin Power Gravel exterior and 3d printed custom holders.

The 35-year-old György Hankó steel-framed KROSS Esker 4.0 bike with Mokush bags, WTB Asyim rims and Maxxis Rambler exterior.

The 43-year-old Zoltán Zóka-Újhelyi Specialized Diverge bike from Budapest with Ortlieb bags, SRAM and Praxisworks drive, Stan’s NOTUBES wheels and WTB Nano exterior.

The 26-year-old Benedek Palotai Author Ronin bike from Moki with Mokush and Restrap bags, Shimano Tiagra drive, DT Swiss wheels and Maxxis exterior, brain dynamo lamp.

The 30-year-old Gábor Boda Rockrider XC900 bike from Kecskemét with Apidura and Alpkit bags, Truvativ and SRAM GX Eagle drive, RockShox fork, Mavic Crossmax wheels and Hutchinson Python 29×2.25 exterior.

The bike of the 30-year-old Dávid Szabó Surly Bridge Club in Budapest with Yakpack bags, Shimano Deore drive, WTB wheels and Maxxis exterior.

The 34-year-old János Kosztin On One Scandal bike from Debrecen with a Manitou fork and a triathlon bottle holder.

The 46-year-old Nándor Nuzor Neuzer Jumbo 29er MTB bike from Budapest, with Shimano SLX and Suntour drive and Rodi Excalibur wheels.

The 36-year-old Budapest Judit Merida Silex 700 bike with Yakpack bags and KLS accessories, Shimano Ultegra drive, Fulcrum wheels and Panaracer exterior.

The 31-year-old Kiss Norbert Riverside Touring 920 bike from Gödöllő with Mokush bags and SRAM Rival drive.

The 35-year-old Budapest Polt Zoltán Specialized Diverge bike with Mokush and Ortlieb bags, SRAM Apex drive, Redshift Kitchen Sink handlebar, DT Swiss wheels and Michelin Power Gravel exterior.

The 34-year-old Balázs Borbély from Dombóvár is a Peugeot bike.

The 31-year-old Hungarian Starling Valentin’s Slovak-framed ONZA bike with Apidura and PRO Discovery bags, FOX kashima fork, DT Swiss wheels and Maxxis exterior.

Csaba Kiss, 41, from Budapest, has a CUBE Nature PRO bike with Merida and Pro Discovery bags.

The 64-year-old Austrian Rudi Hörmann Cannondale Topstone bike with Ortlieb and Blackburn bags, FSA and Shimano drive, WTB and Klempner wheels, Canyon VLC seat tube and SON hub dynamo.

The 26-year-old Austrian Lukas Waringer Giant XTC bike with Ortlieb and Apidura bags, Shimano Deore XT drive and Profile Design armrest.

32-year-old Austrian Gabriel Waringer Bombtrack HOOK bike with Restrap bags.

The 39-year-old Canadian Hungarian Horváth Anna Rodeo Labs Flaanimal 5.0 bike with Apidura bags, Shimano Praxisworks drive, Panaracer Gravelking SK + exterior.

The 34-year-old József Balla from Kecskemét has a telescopic Haibike bike with his own bags.

The 45-year-old Austrian Sigi Grünanger Cannondale Topstone Carbon bike with Ortlieb and Apidura bags, WTB wheels, Schwalbe exterior and Profile Design armrest.

The 38-year-old Gergely Domonyik Focus Mares CX bike from Budapest with Rockbros bags, SRAM Rival drive, ZIPP wheels and Continental exterior.

The 36-year-old Gergely Taar Tout Terrain Outback bike from Budapest has Apidura bags, Pinion drive, ENVE fork, Tumbleweed handlebar and Maxxis exterior.

The 23-year-old Ferenc Kozma Kona Fire Mountain bike from Debrecen with KTM and BTWIN bags and RockShox Dart1 fork.

The 41-year-old Balázs Kulcsár’s Fairlight Secan 2.0 bike with Apidura bags, Shimano GRX drive, SON hub dynamo, Redshift handlebar and seat tube, 27.5 Teravail Rutland exterior.

The 28-year-old Kovács Zsombor Specialized Chisel bike from Bodajk with SKS bags, Shimano Deore XT drive and Maxxis IKON exterior.

The 40-year-old Ritchey Swiss Cross bike by Ábel Terdik from Debrecen has an Apidura bag and drinking system, a Redshift handlebar, HUNT wheels and Pirelli exterior.

The 35-year-old András Gadanecz Csepel Deepspace bike from Pécs with steel frame with Merida and M-wave bags, Shimano Alivio set and DT Swiss wheels.

The 22-year-old Komárom József Genesis MTB bike.

The retro MTB bike of 18-year-old Heinrich Milán Schwinn Csepel from Szentre. The youngest starter in the field with the oldest bike on the peloton.

The 48-year-old Antal Litespeed Pisgah Ti titanium bike from Budapest with Acepac and KLS bags and Shimano XTR set.

Scott Bark of the 51-year-old Budapest Kiss Beenedek with Roswheel bags, Shimano Deore set and Stan’s NOTUBES wheels.

The 29-year-old Szabó Bence Rose Count Solo bike with Mokush bags, Shimano SLX set and Mavic wheels.

The 33-year-old Dávid Benkő’s Specialized Epic bike from Sukoró has Specialized Burra Burra bags, SRAM GX 1×11 drive and Axis wheels.

The 25-year-old Vejtey Zsombor Cannondale Slate bike with Topeak and PODsacs bags.

The 50-year-old Csaba Vejtey Cannondale F-Si Carbon 4 bike with PRO Discovery bags.

The 48-year-old Tamás Csuka Giant Revolt bike from Budapest has Apidura, Topeak and SKS bags, Shimano GRX drive, DT Swiss wheels and Panaracer exterior.

31-year-old Scottish Marcus Nicolson Mason Insearchof bike with Straight Cut Design and Restrap bags, Shimano GRX and XT drive, DT Swiss wheels and Vittoria Terrano 2.1 XC exterior.

The Cannondale Slate bike of Péter Szénási, 39, from Hatvan, is a minimalist bag with a bag set and homemade cake.

The CUBE Reaction 29er bike of the 32-year-old Huba Cuba in Budapest with KTM bags and Shimano XT drive.

The 39-year-old Máté Bridgestone MB-1 retro MTB bike from Timisoara, Budapest, features Mokush bags, Ritchey Logic and Shimano Deore XT drive, and 26-inch wheels.

And what bikes will starters choose this year? We will find out on June 24, at the start of the 2022 Hungarian Divide .

Photos: Tivadar Domaniczky and Róbert Apjok