KLND Gravel Series 2023


Our successful gravel series continues in 2023! In a one-day format, we will bring you on gravel adventures in 5 different regions.

A unique feature of the events is that you can cycle on the routes we have designed, away from the noise of the world, in peaceful and wild landscapes. We’ll take you racing or touring to places you probably wouldn’t have gone on your own, and you’ll get to see beautiful new sides of the country.

In 2023, our organizing partner will be Superior Racing Team, with whom we will share a start/finish location for 3 rounds of the series.
We are a mass sports event, we are waiting for those who want to compete and relax. We believe that there can be competition up front, and non-performance oriented riders can have fun as well. “business in the front and party in the back”


Vértes Gravel


Pilis Gravel


Sárvár-Vasvár Gravel


Őrség Gravel


Karancs-Medves Gravel



The gravel is both terrain and road. Terrain to get to hidden and special places. Road so you can start from anywhere and connect the enjoyable terrain sections. Gravel can be any road.

The gravel is single trail and a double track. The gravel is anything your tire width, bike and technical skills allow. The challenges of the terrain distract you from physical exertion.

Gravel is racing and touring. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what your goals, or needs are. One day it is a strong day of competition, and other times it’s just driven by the joy of discovery. You decide.

The gravel bike can be old or new , it can be fitness, trekking, MTB, costing 100 euros or 10 thousand. Either one can get lost in the discovery! Gravel is a good excuse to get another bike, but your current bike is the best for the purpose! 🙂

Overall: gravel is freedom. Adventure. Diverse, unique, just the way you want it. It gives you the framework, and it’s up to you, your creative freedom, what you get out of it.

These above linew were based on the genre definition of Cafe du Cycliste.


You can enter events in the gravel series in the following options:

The pre-registration fee is for 5 races for the whole series:

until 31.01.2023 Long distance: 48.000,- Ft Short distance: 43.000 Ft
until 01.02.2023 – 06.03.2023 Long distance: 60.000,- Ft Short distance: 56.000 Ft

For entries per race:

until 31.01.2023 Long distance: 12.000,- Ft Short distance: 11.000,- Ft
From 01.02.2023 until the Sunday before the event: long distance: 13.000,- Ft short distance: 12.000,- Ft

On-site registration:
15.000,- HUF per person, regardless of distance

We offer a 20% discount on the individual entry fee for all our events for club members of the Bikepacking Hungary. For details, visit their website.

The entry fee for all stations in the Gravel series includes:

  • One big bike adventure along a thoughtful, well planned route
  • Opportunity to test the track 1 day before the event
  • Traffic control at busy junctions
  • route posted in GPX format
  • A prize package or refreshments offered by sponsors
  • Start number
  • Timing
  • Medical support
  • 2 refresh points in the long distance and 1 refresh point in the short distance (Attention! We only add drinks to your own bottles, we do not use disposable plastic at all)
  • Media broadcasting
  • Refreshment in the finish (drink and snack)
  • Bikewash at the finish

You can register online for the 2023 KLND Gravel Series events on the Superior Racing Team at Sportnaptár website.
Payment options:

  • Online bank card
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash payment on the spot

On-site registration is available everywhere, for a uniform fee of HUF 15.000 (regardless of distance).


The 2023 gravel series rules are available at the following link:

In short: anything.
A bit longer: at any stage of the Gravel Series, it is recommended to start with a bike that has tyres at least 35-40 mm wide. The wider the tire, the better the comfort. It is not compulsory to start with a dedicated gravel bike.

Women’s and men’s bicycle categories in the short and long distance:

U19 – Short distance only – they have not yet reached the age of 19. Under 18 only with parental consent, which must be completed and approved by the parent.
Adults – 19 to 39 years old
Master – 40 – 49 years old
Grand Master – over 50 years old

Everyone can only start in one category, based on the date of birth submitted at the time of entry and checked at random. It is not possible to change categories during the season, the date of birth (submitted before the event) is what we count. In the above age classification, the number of years already completed is taken into account.

There will be awards for each category at each station, and an overall championship for the whole series, which will be scored according to the table below. The overall championship winners in each category will be awarded the title “KLND Gravel Series Champion 2023”.

Each participant in the series automatically earns points for the result achieved. At the end of the series, in the last round, we will sum up the table and announce the results.

Scoring system: according to the table below, based on category placings, where the first place is 50, the second 40, the third 30, and then in descending order from there the fourth 20, and finally the 23rd. 1 point is awarded

Top 4 counts: the top 4 results of each competitor will be taken into account. 1 round may be dropped or eliminated from the scoring (the lowest score will be automatically eliminated)

Deduction of points: there are no specific rules for this in the series, but the organisers reserve the right to deduct points for unsportsmanlike conduct. Equal number of points: In the event of a tie, the position obtained at the last event of the series will decide among the riders. In the event that none of the parties involved come to the final round, the ranking of the previous event will be used.

Tie on points: in the event of a tie, the finishing position at the last stage of the series decides between the competitors. If neither riders start the last event, the placing of the last event where they both started is taken into account.


The Terrain: The Gravel Series route is predominantly off-road, especially on wide, relatively easy roads. The proportion of sections where advanced technical skills are required shall not exceed 2% of the total length. As this is not a race, many people get off their bikes in these parts and simply push the bike, for safety’s sake.

Ascenders: There are short, steep ascents along the route that require a lot of effort, with beginner cyclists there having to push the bike.

Basic fitness is required to complete the distances within the cutoff time. It is needed to maintain an average speed of 15 km / h over the selected distance.

If you are unable to attend the event, please notify us in writing to ujbudamtb@gmail.com with a reference to the order ID.

Entry fees are non-refundable, but can be used to enter any race we organise, or transferred to another name (one-off cost of 5000,- ft.)

We will only do this by email confirmation, please do not initiate this by phone / in person.

We are waiting for your question to the e-mail address hello@klnd.eu, we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

At each station, two runs will be announced.

The “Short distance” is 40-80 km,
The “Long distance” is 110-180 km depending on the event.
Both distances start and finish from the same point.

Elevation: At each event, the elevation of the tracks will vary in proportion to the distance. The short distance does not exceed 2000 metres at any station, while the long distance will not exceed 4000 metres of climbing,