About us


As a community, we started in 2019 as Bikepacking Hungary . Our goal was to popularize and spread the bikepacking movement in Hungary, which went rather sucessfully from the early moments. We soon outgrew ourselves, our online groups grew, and the number of our weekend bike tours rose to over 10-20 in the beginning. The next level was the organization of challenges and events, the creation of the 5 Peaks 500, the Hungarian Divide and the Balaton Bike Derby is also connected to our name.

In 2021, we took the business to a new level. We founded a company, and since the framework of Bikepacking Hungary can no longer withstand all the plans we have cherished for a long time, a new brand was born out of it. This is none other than KLND. (pronounced: “Kaland” in hungarian which means adventure )

Our goal is to bring the values we represent, the strength of our community, to as many people as possible, and to share the joy of adventure with many people. We also want to paddle in unfamiliar waters, to deal with other topics in the outdoor space and in any area of life besides the bike.

As for cycling events, we open up to the world of gravel next to bikepacking. We are the first entity in Hungary to officially host and organize a gravel race. But KLND will not only cover events, it will also be an outdoor magazine where we will delight you with content and stories that can give you more ideas and inspiration! You can follow articles and stories on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, while we post videos on our YouTube channel.

He wishes you many good moments, an adventure together,

The KLND team