Hungarian Divide 2022

Bikepacking adventure tour through Hungary

The III. Hungarian Divide is a self-sufficient, non-guided bikepacking adventure tour, which the participants complete on their own. In 2022, in addition to the individual category, the longest cycling adventure in the country will return with e-bike and team categories.

It’s up to you how long you go: whether you treat it as a challenge or as a shared adventure or a tourist experience. We provide the framework and help you get the most out of it!



730 / 1400


13.000 / 24.000

meters elevation

7 / 11

day time limit

A carefully planned mostly off-road route of approximately 1400 km, which is guaranteed to be a great experience.

A tracker through which your loved ones can follow 0-24 and where you can see who is near you. You can get last year’s tracker replay by clicking here .

A goodie-bag with useful accessories and presents from sponsors

Custom finishers medal.

A well-deserved hot meal and a beer / wine at the finish.

Photo material of the event.


Club members of Kalandbringás Sportegyesület (Bikepacking Hungary) receive a 30% discount on the individual entry fee for each of our events . Visit their website for details.


The terrain: The route of the Hungarian Divide leads mostly on terrain, “wild” roads. The proportion of sections where advanced technical skills are required shall not exceed 2% of the total length. Since this is not a race, many people get off in these parts with safety in mind and push the bike with noble simplicity.
Climbs: There are several difficult ascents on the route that require a lot of effort, which is why we recommend those sections for beginners only as a team or with an ebike. These sections are marked in advance in the route file so that you can prepare individually / as a team.

In a team: a basic level of training, but confident and experienced technical knowledge is required. Together with peers, with technical knowledge, it can be accomplished by anyone who has the right bike. You can read about recommended bicycle choices in another question.
Individual: advanced cycling training, strong technical foundations, outstanding problem-solving skills, experience gained on self-sufficient tours are required. Completing such a challenge alone requires tremendous mental strength, focus, motivation in addition to those listed.

At the Hungarian Divide, we recommend starting with a bicycle with at least 45 mm wide tires. For comfort, the wider the better, the most comfortable solution is a mountain bike with 2 ″ (50mm) tires. The gravel bike is also very popular, which is suitable, but we recommend 40-45 mm tires. In addition to the bike, the “pilot” is also important, you need to be able to operate your machine very confidently, even in difficult terrain.

The preliminary manual of the Hungarian Divide is available here .

The team category is simple: you get a tracking device (GPS tracker) that you have to take along the track. You can switch at any point, anyone can go as far as they can, even together. You will appear as a team on the GPS tracking page of the event. There is only one rule: only approach the track on public roads, do not attempt to go to private/protected areas to change riders. The event is only allowed on the designated route, access to the route is only allowed on the road.

In the case of a team start, it is necessary to appoint a team captain who will handle the entry-related administration, including the payment, for the entire team. After a successful team entry, the team captain will receive an email with instructions on what other team members need to do. You can find a more detailed description in the team tickets.

Yes, however, teams with at least 1 E-Bike participant will qualify as an E-Bike team.

This year will be no separate categories for racing. We will start as 1 big peloton, and drafting is allowed. Participants who handle the event as a competition can ride with others this year. Drafting is allowed.

The route is still being planned, but we can tell you that it will largely cover the divide route of 2021, only this time we will be doing the distance in the opposite direction, from west to east. Final route, downloadable gpx file is expected at the end of the licensing process, early June.

If you are unable to attend the event, please indicate this in writing to with a reference to your order ID.

– We will refund 100% of the ticket price within 14 days of purchasing the ticket
– After that, we can no longer refund, but tickets can be transferred to another year.

We will only do this by email confirmation, please do not initiate this by phone / in person.

Please reach out to us at, we will try to answer it as soon as possible.