Etyek Bike Adventure

Etyek Bike Adventure

We arrive in Etyek as the first stop of the KLND Gravel series . In the “Heart of Pannonia” you can expect real romantic gravel roads and vineyards. Our journey will pass at the foot of the Venetian Mountains and the Vértes, providing magnificent views.

Our co-organizer is the Superior MTB Team , with whom we bring you an unforgettable and professional standard at a common start / finish location. Their event will also take place here, which will make the gravel course different and the starts / times will be different. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to start at the same time.


A 2022-es eseményre a nevezés lezárult. Találkozunk a pályán, illetve a sorozat többi állomásán!


At any station in the Gravel series, it is recommended to have a bike with at least 35-40 mm wide tires. The wider the tire, the better the comfort. It is not mandatory to start with a specific gravel bike, it will only be taken into account in the race evaluation. * As of January 30, 2022, there is no official regulation for gravel bikes yet.

Women’s and men’s bicycle categories in the short and long distance:

U19 – Short distance only – they have not yet reached the age of 19. Under 18 only with parental consent, which the parent is required to declare.
Adults – 19 to 39 years old
Master – 40 – 49 years old
Grand Master – over 50 years old

eBike categories:
eBike Absolute: we evaluate all eBike riders in one category.

Everyone can only start in one category, based on the date of birth submitted at the time of entry and checked at random. It is not possible to change categories during the season, the date of birth (submitted before the event) is what we count. In the above age classification, the number of years already completed is taken into account.

We will award the podium finishers from each category at each event, and we will also announce an overall tournament for the entire series, which will be scored according to the table below. The winners of the overall championship can win the “KLND Gravel Series Champion 2022 title” and the associated prize for each category.

Deduction of points: the organization reserves the right to deduct points for illegal and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Equal number of points: In the event of a tie, the position obtained at the last event of the series will decide among the riders. If neither riders start the last event, the placing of the last event where they both started is taken into account.

Place Score
1 50
2 40
3 30
4…..10 20…18…16…14…12…10…8

The Terrain: The Gravel Series route is predominantly off-road, especially on wide, relatively easy roads. The proportion of sections where advanced technical skills are required shall not exceed 2% of the total length. Since this is not a race, many people get off in these parts with safety in mind and push the bike with noble simplicity.

Ascenders: There are short, steep ascents along the route that require a lot of effort, with beginner cyclists there having to push the bike.

Basic fitness is required to complete the distances within the cutoff time. It is needed to maintain an average speed of 15 km / h over the selected distance.

If you are unable to attend the event, please indicate this in writing to with a reference to your order ID.

– We will refund 100% of the ticket price within 14 days of purchasing the ticket
– We will not be able to refund you after that, but tickets can be transferred by email by appointment.

We will only do this by email confirmation, please do not initiate this by phone / in person.

We are waiting for your question to the e-mail address, we will try to answer it as soon as possible.